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May 2016

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The bowl


Each dog should have his own bowl, specific for the size (useless to  give a basin to a chihuahua or a cup to a Great Dane) and the race (the shape of nose and ears determines the correct choice). The color and/or the shape is not important if the animal doesn’t have difficulty to eat and drink, but we talk about races like the cocker with long, heavy and above all very furry ears, it could become complicated. Both for…

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So he is the owner, the same he is the 4 legged


Our pets look like us more and more, not only in the behaviors but also in the diseases. During last years we more and more often watch the outbreak of food intolerances and allergies, respiratory or for contact both in the dogs and in the cats. Sometimes they are more evident in some periods of the year, like for us the presence of pollen or seasonal plants, or during the whole year because of more common allergens. These pathologies can have different…

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The cat and the vaccination

Behavior, Comportamento

Why shall we vaccinate the cat? After all he is always at home… The vaccinations of the cat are not obligatory, except the one against the rage if the cat travels with his owner in particular risky areas by air or by sea (in these case we should inform with every companies before) or simply requested by some catteries. In general if there are no other risks (endemic zone because of particular pathologies) we submit the small cat to the…

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The cleaning of the cat


The cat is an extremely cleaned animal, in fact, when he doesn’t sleep, he spends his time cleaning his wonderful coat, both if it is sparse, semi-long or long. The cleaning is so accurate and meticulous that if our cat suddenly gives up cleaning himself, this is always to be considered like an alert sign.  All this can be caused by difficulty of the  movement: in fact overweight or obese cats always have a neglected coat just because of the…

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The cat’s food: dry vs wet

Behavior, Comportamento

“Doctor, is it better dry or wet for my little cat?” This is the typical question they make when I visit a cat puppy for the first time. The great distribution offers such a high variety of selection that we are often undecided in front of shelves of packages with different shapes and with organoleptic characteristics that are sometimes incredible. The first choice will be obviously the one of the owner who will ask to the veterinary, to the breeder…

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The need of water


Near the bowl of food there has to be always the one for water, while also putting another near where our friend takes a rest. Water is fundamental, above all for the subjects who for their own decision or their owner’s one have preferred a dried diet. It is important that is always fresh, therefore we need to change it often, be sure that the bowl doesn’t have bad smells and that no dangerous or toxic substances fall in the…