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July 2016

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Why do we talk so much about Leishmaniosi?


Above all because it is a “zoonosi” , that is to say an illness that can affect  men and dogs through an insect that nourish itself with blood. It is not the common mosquito, this can transmit the guinea worm and I have already talked about, but a different insect, a smallest pappatacio than the mosquito that can also pass through the insect screen and that sting  also during the day not only at night. The danger of their prick is…

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The ticks


They are external parasites which can be found on all animals, included man. You can find them more easily in the grass where they tend to stay on the higher stems to better parasite a passing guest, but also in locations with aggregation of animals, where there can be a simple passage of the parasite from a subject to another. They don’t provoke hitch therefore you note their presence only because you see the parasite which can be confused with a…

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P.I.F.: one of the most serious pathology of the cat


The acronym indicates infectious feline peritonitis, it is caused by a common enough virus called Coronavirus, only in some circumstances it can become particularly aggressive and strong by provoking death in the affected subjects. It is more frequent in colonies or breeding where the concentrations and the frequentation of the animals is larger. It is generally a pathology which appears in young subjects with variable symptoms according to the form which can be exuding, with production of exudes (presence of liquids)…

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The transporter

Behavior, Comportamento

The transporter for cats is often considered a terror object, in fact most owners tell about real battles to try to let their friend enter, not only to bring him to the Veterinary’s but also to leave on holidays. We have always to consider that cats leave olfactory prints on everything they get in touch with, they rub their cheeks to put familiar pheromones and they leave the ones of fear with the paws or with the anal glands. All signs…