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August 2016

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Cat Litter


Do you think it’s enough to choose any cat litter and make his own private moment enjoyable? Well, it is not. By nature all felines defecate and their defecation are not just excrements but their own visit card to other animals and to the one who get inside their territories. Our cats often have to adapt themselves to a litter that we decide to be adequate, based on our senses, sight, smell or just because we think it is practical….

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The solar dermatitis


Can animals sunburn if they lie too much time under the sun? The answer surprisingly is yes. Our animals can’t get a tan like us. They don’t have any defense they are subjected to the sun. If they lie under the sun for a long time, because there is any place to take cover like dogs that have to stay on the balcony, but also animals who love the sun and like the warmth, they can be subjected to the UVA rays…

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The danger of bees and wasps


Cats love hunting and chasing insects inside and outside our house. Sometimes can happen that our pet eats a fly, certainly it is not dangerous on the contrary it is a good protein-based snack. The real danger is when cats eat bees, wasps or spiders. Bees and wasps stinger or insects fur (very itchy) can cause painful and acute inflammation and glottis edema with the consequences of suffocation. In this case cats meow very loudly because of the pain and suddenly keep…

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The corneal ulcer


Coming back from a walk, it might happen that our dog or even our cat, if they have the chance to go out, they come back keeping an eye shut. The symptom in general can become worst and the eye starts weeping excessively. If we try to open our friend’s eyelid he will experience a lot of pain and he will try to remove the pain using his paw or rub his muzzle, unfortunately the situation will get worst. Probably this symptoms…

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Improving the quality of life of dogs and cats, and that of his own owner: You can with Bama Pet!


When we talk about improving people daily life, and with Bama Pet the one of pets, we always talk about problem solving. Let’s think of Food Stand for example: a double bowl with a tool compartment to be hung on the wall. Even in this case we have started from a concrete need: recent studies demonstrate that dogs often suffer from neck pathologies (among which the cervical arthrosis) and that they can feel pain while bowing the head. Form here…

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If there is blood in to the urines


The view of blood in the urine – “ematuria” in medical terms – always alert each owner of dog or cat a lot. The episode generally appears without any ominous symptom, you suddenly see drops of urine red colored or in bigger quantities: if the cat suffers of that the sand will assume a different color, but even with dark litters, the different smell can alert us. But sometimes you can notice irritability, increase of the frequency of the stimulus…