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October 2016

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The bored cat


I often suggest to create funny games for cats and many owners reply that their four-legged friends are already happy enough because they have everything they need: they have the best food as much as they like, lots of cuddles, they sleep in a very soft bed and live in a protect environment away from danger. Despite everything, a cat that lives in a house or an apartment in not happy enough. A free cat is extremely curious and can…

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Watch carefully our four-legged friend


We have to learn, watch carefully and touch our pet constantly, it can prevent serious illness. Every owners have to do it. During cuddles time, when each of you are relaxed, observe his breathing. It has to be regular and constant without tremor. Fur must be thick and shining without bow and greasiness. On the abdomen they must not present abrasion, scabs or neoplasm. We have to touch their paws and look carefully between the toes because it’s easy to…

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Cutaneous Neoplasm


Pet’s owners often ask to make diagnosis about small pimples, scabs, protuberance etc that emerge on the skin of their animals. These are called Neoplasm and can have different causes. We have to consider all the spontaneous form and we have to exclude all the post-traumatic form like scratch, excoriation, trauma etc. All the body from the nose to the tail can have this protuberance. They can have round shapes and can be external or subcutaneous, painful or not and…

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Post vacation depression


“Doctor, why my puppy started to have a weird behavior when I came back from vacation?” People often ask me this question and I think that every veterinary has clients that ask him the same question. I think that is a bit excessive to call this strange behavior depression, and yet, after a time off can often happen that our pets make changes. It happens to my dogs and cats every times. They can change some attitudes and mostly it…

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Toulouse’ story


Today I want to tell you a story. I don’t know the beginning, but it could be similar to many others. We decide to have a puppy, we adopt or buy him by choosing him among many, thinking about what he can be when growing: a guard-dog or a hunting dog, a sheep dog or a pet. The puppy then grows and it can happen he doesn’t become just what we dreamt of. Therefore we abandon him to his destiny…

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On the beach with our four legs friends


I hope you always bring your pets with your during you holidays. Now most structures allow them easily and also many beach baths accept them by offering proper spaces like swimming pools or even whirlpools. Dogs generally love running on the beach and plunge in the sea. To avoid the hot I suggest to do that always in the early morning. Find out before if you are allowed to, many beaches are forbidden to docs and you could get penalties…