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November 2016

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The new rules of the health ministry on the walk with your pets


On 16th of July 2016, the Health Ministry has published on the Official Gazette the new rules to be followed by the owners of dogs, during the walks. Let’s examine it in depth together: First of all the owner will have to be and adult who, in case of need, will respond of possible damages caused by his own dog. This doesn’t mean that our puppies have to walk only with parents, on the contrary to give guys the task…

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The genetic diseases of purebred dogs


Anytime we decide to welcome a dog in our life, after thinking about a lot, we would need to evaluate the possibility to adopt also a not purebred subject, maybe by taking him in a kennel. If it were not possible for different reason, we would need to consider very well the race to choose. First of all, you don’t have to be convinced by your neighbor’s puppy, by advertising or by your friends’ voices who could suggest the sole…

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I would like to talk about the poo


It may seem an odd and few medical argument, instead it has got an extreme importance: the faeces that each animal produces allow us to notice many things. Let us consider all their aspects: The frequency: it changes a lot according to the characteristics of each four legged friend For the cat, for example, it can be absolutely normal deposit the faeces even once every 2 days, but if more days pass, we could talk about constipation. In this case,…

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The birth


The birth is an extremely natural event that animals face with dignity and dedition. It happens after 60/62 days after the mating ( to know the exact date it will help to train ourselves in the best way). But in some races, or under some conditions, times could be shortened or extended. Once understood the supposed date, you will need to think about some details, as for example to decide if to take care of the birth by ourselves or…

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The scabs


The scabs are a group of pathologies diffused both on cats and dogs, but also in many other animals ( man included), sustained by very small parasites of acarus family. According to their characteristics, these parasites can be found both under the skin ( like the Sarcoptes Scan in the dog, or the Notaedres Cati in the cat and the Demodex Cati and Canis), and externally (like the case of Otodectica da Otodectes cynotis which causes the parasitic otitis both…