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February 2017

Quali farmaci occorre usare per le patologie degli animali domestici
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Pets illnesses: which medicines do you need to use


In our job of veterinary doctors we have to face anything. Sometimes during a visit, it happens that the owner of a patient of ours tells u s to have given some medicines at home or suggested by friends at their own venture. That  is very  wrong! Such arbitrary giving  of medicines ( above all created for humans) can provoke serious damages for different reasons. Some medicines aren’t tolerate by some species or races at all, a classic example is…

Cat sitting in stairs and cucumbers in a bowl
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Cats and Cucumbers: pets’ oddities


Cats are often considered as a little bit “odd” animals; they are very independent, they love quietness and have a mysterious shine. However I have to say that if we humans find it difficult to fully under stand some of their behavious, and this is due to 3 factors. Cats have been tamed by man in a relatively recent period comparing it with the one of the dog, a social animal with precise behaviors who recognizes a “ herd head”…

Russian Blue Cat in the blanket
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Pets and Freezy Winter: how to protects them properly


What can we do to help our fur friends to face winter? Our pets are lucky, they live in warm, therefore it is enough to give them a cover, a small coat to be used at least for the first and last exits of the day for the healthy and youngest pets, while you have to use it every time on ancient, ill or with short fur subjects. Cats, who particularly love warm in our homes, will limit their exits…