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April 2017

Post Partum Nel Cane
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Post Partum in Dogs


Our little dog gave birth, did you follow my suggestions in the text published in 2016? Well, now we will take care of her, the new mummy and her pets . At the birth they have been weighed and identified with different colored collars. First details have been recorded on a sheet, daily update to verify the right growth according to the race. First 24 hours are the most critical, we will have to pay the highest attention to some…

Animali Domestici e Piante
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Pets and dangerous plants


Do you feel the coming Spring as well? First walks start and we devote cheerfully to decorate our windowsill with pots of colored flowers. All is wonderful but…who lives together with dogs or cats ( or other pets) have to pay a lot of attention, above all on some particular kinds of plants. In fact, plants or their components exist which could be extremely dangerous if ingested accidentally. Animals usually “know” which are the toxic plants or grasses, also for…

Alimenti Dietetici per Animali Domestici
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Dietetic Food for Pets


More and more often we talk about the strict relationship between nutrition and wellness not only for us human beings, but also for our 4 legged friends. A wrong nutrition can provoke a long series of problems, sometimes difficult to individuate and solve, for them as well. However some dietetic food exist which can be very helpful for some pathologies. The use of industrial dietetic food adequately measured for the different pathologist reveals to be a very good help, increasing…