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November 2017

Quando arriva il nuovo cucciolo | Enjoy Life With Bamapet
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When a new puppy arrives home: a what to do list


When we bring a new puppy home, taken in a farming house or in a store, he should be always have a sanitary book with his name, characteristics ( race, sex…). Be sure that he has been vaccinated when he was two months old: in the book a label must appear where it is highlighted the kind of vaccine done, the series, the manufacturer and obviously the Veterinary’s signature. Before vaccination the subject must be submitted to a careful visit:…

Tutto Mio Bamapet Gioco Per Cani
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Playing with pets during holidays


When you leave on holidays with children, we will obviously prepare the bag of toys as well: small shovels, bucket, balls, rackets..and if besides of children were there pets too? They also have their favorite toys. You would be wondering which toys to bring and, above all, how to play with them when we go to the sea. And how to behave when you go on holiday together with your pets. Here there are some suggestion. Some suggestion to choose…

Code per comunicare | Enjoy Life with Bamapet
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Tails and ears to communicate


Our animals communicate not only with voice, bark, yip, growl, meow, puffs, purr, but also with ears and tails. How do they do? By moving them according to their mood. Ears to communicate Only in dog races like Coker Spaniel, the “gestures” is difficult for the volume and heaviness of ears. For all the other races (and obviously also in cats) they are real indicators of mood. An attentive animal who doesn’t fear anything will have straight ears positioned to…

Cane in acqua | Enjoylife with Bamapet
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Summer with our four legged friends


Summer has arrived at last! Not only for us but for our friends animals too. Hot, stuffiness, summer sun are not always appreciated and can provoke many disturbs to us and to them as well. Let’s see that has to be considered. Appetite, above all for cats, could decrease a lot. For this reason avoid to give food during the hottest hours, but only at night or early in the morning. Pay attention to the freshness of wet food, they…

Processionaria Bruco
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“Procession”, a “passage” caterpillar


Have you ever heard of “procession”? We are talking of caterpillars! Yes, a procession is just the correct word to describe these small furry caterpillars when they leave their air nests to reach the floor, all lined up like in a procession by forming very long lines. These caterpillar, called “Taumetopoea Pytocampa” are moths with an apparently harmless aspect but they can provoke very serious wounds during their larval phase, while they are absolutely harmless when adults as butterflies. The…

Tuttomio il gioco per cani che galleggia e rimbalza di Bama
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Playing with our dogs


Did you every think about how much the playing is important for all clever animals? All mammals play exactly like men. This activity becomes a very important way to develop motor capacities as soon as puppies grow, even if the playing doesn’t always end with maturity. We play with brothers to imitate all the activities to be done when adult. Some games can be: The fight: fundamental to state hierarchical orders in animals with social life, with attitudes of submission…