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December 2017

Visita dal veterinario | Enjoy LIfe With Bamapet
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Visit at dogs’ genitals


When you bring your dog to veterinary for a visit ( even only for vaccination), verify that genitals are examined too. The first visit of a puppy serves to ascertain that the external organs, vulva and nipples in females, penis and scrotum with testis in males) are of normal shape and sizes. In the following visits until the old age, the visit at genitals of dogs and cats will be fundamental to exclude cancer pathologies or endocrine disorders. In this…

Raffreddore nel cane | Enjoy Life With Bamapet
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The cold in the dog


In this period many owners call me to inform me that their own animal, more easily dogs, show the same symptoms of “our” cold. Well, they can be also hit by what are defined as “illnesses due to cooling  “ and just like us they show the same symptoms: nose that drips, shiny eyes, shivers, sometimes cough. It would be better to verify fever before proceeding with possible therapies. You can measure it with a normal thermometer introducing the tip…

Malassezia | Enjoy Life With Bamapet
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Malassezia: the skin-fungus in the ear


If your dog often has got otitis ( maybe because of a skin infection difficult to fight), the veterinary can decide if submitting the patient either to  an “ ear swab” or to a “skin removal”. This procedure is needed to  detect the presence of “malassezia”, in order to verify if the otisi is caused by this one or another bacterial form. What is this intruder often difficult to fight? The malassezia belongs to the kind of fungus and it…

Diete e regimi alimentari negli animali domestici | Enjoy Life With Bamapet
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Diets in dogs and cats


Pet didn’t eat the modern food for pet but the left-overs of our lunch and dinner. Or there was the house diet because made with meats, cereals and vegetables prepared at the moment. Things  have changed. We veterinaries  and consequently all the owners have started to propose “different” diets (so-called “industrials” because promoted by big multi National companies but also by small food companies as well). These companies have been producing packaged food for a lot  f time: biscuits and…