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February 2018

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Ancient dogs and eyes problems


The cohabitation with humans has made life of our pets longer and therefore pathologies linked to the old age occur more often. Let’s see the changes relating to eyes. One of the more frequent is the senile “nucleosclerosis” that appears in the older subjects and that is often take as cataract, which is instead a not physiologic opacity of the crystalline lens. The nucleosclerosis, like the name says, is a hardening=sclerosis of the lens, due to the continuous deposit of…

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To exercise the job of veterinary doctor is a degree needed?


“To exercise the job of veterinary doctor is a degree needed?” This is a question that I and many colleagues have heard at least once, like if to be a veterinary is enough “to read something on the web”, like you are doing now, or “to love animals” or like you often hear “ he is only a dog, what can happen?” Not only to protect our job, but also to make people understand that we can NOT improvise the…

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Pets and different kinds of jaundice


Also on our pets’ skin, on the smooth areas and on the mucosa, more easily of mouth and of the white part of the eye,  some anomalous colors can appear that can be easily detected by the owners and be the alarm bell of some important pathologies like jaundice. Basing on the shades of color the jaundice distinguishes itself in 4 types according to the intensity of the color itself: Flavinico, Verdinico, Rubinico, Melanico. These strange color are due to…

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Dogs and growth of teeth


When I visit a puppy for the first time and check his mouth, it happens that the owners are amazed when I make them note that at the moment he has “milk” teeth; but then this small and sharp teeth will leave the place to more massive and definitive teeth. Our pets have a double teething as well. Having to suck mother milk, puppies are born completely without teeth. It would not have sense to have them and they would…