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March 2018

Tumore Vescica Cane Veterinario Bama Pet
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Animals and health problems: bladder tumors


When we live with a pet, we learn behavior and uses and therefore we should immediately note when they change. To go near the litter box without a normal emission of urine but only in small drops ( disuria), intense miew, agitation and licking of genital area and above all loss of visible blood losses, both on the sand or on the areas where he rests, it is an alarm bell both for cats and dogs. In this case put…

Furetti animali domestici bama pet
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Ferret, as a pet


Would you like to share your life with a pet but a dog is too engaging and the cat not compatible? Why don’t consider a ferret? Like for the other species, it would be better to inform before the purchase to avoid to discover too late that you could be incompatible. First of all commercialized ferrets  (Mustela Putorius Furo) come from livestock  and have been tamed, but they rest hunters and strict carnivores, therefore you have to remind that they…

Gatti e Trasportino abituare Bama Pet
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Our cats and the carriers

Behavior, Comportamento

It occurs that in the quiet life of our cat suddenly the carrier appears. Some cats face it easily and enter happy and trustful. Many others  immediately get nervous as soon as they see it until showing pure terror. Let’s try to understand why. Many cats  go out from their apartment only once a year to go to the Veterinary’s, a place where there are strange odors..of medicine. They have a more developed sense of smell that we have and…

Cani Collare Antiabbaio PErché No
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Anti-bark collars. Why don’t use them.

Behavior, Comportamento

We are doing small but continuous steps forward against the animal abuse. A last example has been the sentence of the Supreme Court of the Tribunal of Verona of 800€ + 2000 € against a man who gave his dogs the anti-bark collar. These devices are of three kinds: Electric, ultrasound and with Citronella or other odors: the first 2 have been already prohibited in Switzerland and in the Scandinavian countries, here they are instead still easily available on line…