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April 2018

Borsa per cani Bama Pet Blog
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Bags for dogs? Puppies and XS sized dogs.


When you take a puppy home, in the most cases on the Sanitary booklet you only find one vaccination registered. A good breeder should advise the new owners that 1 or 2 recalls ( it depends on the vaccine used) after 21/30 days from the first one are necessary, but above all that the puppy will not have to go out form home or be put in contact with not vaccinated animals, until the recalls are made. This is not…

Come raccogliere urine di cani o gatti bama pet
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How to collect the urine of cats and dogs


I have often let you know in my articles, the usefulness of the collection of urine to detect running pathologies. We don’t always know how to proceed. First of all we have to act in a different way if we are in front of a dog or a cat. However we have to collect as much less polluted urine as possible, therefore don’t collect it from the floor, neither from a clean surface. In case of dogs, in order to…