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May 2018

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Allergies for our pets

Health, Salute

Beautiful season has come, games outside, runs in fields and… the allergies too. Even our 4 legged friends can suffer from intolerances and allergies. Intolerances usually cause lighter symptoms because they don’t modify the immune system with the production of antibodies like allergies. Without entering in a very complex field, it is good to know that intolerances give symptoms only because of the heap of the responsible substance. Assuming it in low and distant in time doses, you will have…

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Does appetite come while eating?

Behavior, Comportamento, Salute

Our pets’ appetite is not constant. Like for us, it can have modifications for different reasons. Some don’t’ have any importance, others have to be under control instead and considered true alarm bells. Puppies and young dogs and cats are always moving, have a good appetite for sure and they eat all food with no problem. They can have tantrum on dry food that can bore them because it is not so consistent and tasty  like the wet one. The…