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August 2018

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Mini Cooper


It is a wonderful Saturday in October, the sun is shining, the landscaoe is amazing and the Autumn colors are absolutely the most beautiful in the year! In Montercarlo there is the Festival of chocolate, a gluttony Festival my children and I can not renounce at and, since it is only 2 km far from us, we decide to have a walk together with Chanel, our Dachshund. We go by a field fenced by a green net and we immediately…

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Rossella and Friends


A big family, a lot of animals, a company combining her passions. Who better than Rossella can tell the adventures of a family at more legs and paws, from the daily experience with the furry friends from whom fears, doubts to tell the veterinary are born. But..Rossella and her friends, of course! Since today you can follow Rossella and her family’s stories on the blog, together with the usual and precious Cristina’s, our trusted veterinary, and , who know, some…

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Mommy Lola

The Adventures of House Bama

1 – The engagement Lola is an essential part of our family, she is sweet, tender, good-hearted and very generous. A mum. My usband and I decide to let her meet a young guy to live the experience of pregnancy with and to share it with our 3 children. One day we leave alltogether to go at Roberto and Marzia’s home where Lola meets Ciccio, the one who would become her puppies’ dad. Love at first sight! And it could not…