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September 2018

Coniglio Noce Avventure Casa Bama
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My friend rabbit: Noce!


I always wanted to write something about Noce. I thought about a book titled “ It rains on Noce” with a design on the covering figuring out my red eyed white bunny who, standing on 2 paws, licked the drops falling from the sky, because he liked the rain. When I found I was pregnant with Mathieu, Celeste was 3 and the news didn’t make her happy, instead.. she was very angry and to make her quiet we gave her…

Mediastino malattie gatti cure veterinarie sintomi
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Mediastinum and the risk of disease in the cats


Mediastinum: the term is unknow for most people for sure. A strange name that indicates a small but very important space, an anatomic part with a hourglass shape, located inside the torax among diaphgram, heart, lungs, sternum, verterbras and first rib. Though it is a reduced space, it collects the organs of the digestive tract, like the esophagus; of the cardiovascular tract, like the big exiting and entering vases of the heart, of the lymphatic and nervous system like the…