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October 2018

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Chanel, our dachshund terapist!

Comportamento, The Adventures of House Bama

When she was 7, Celeste had a bad illness that solved itself then well, but that has caused some trawlings like some insecurity and sleepwalking. After about one year the doctor was convinced that only one thing could help Celeste: an unconditional love, only for her to help her to “ face “ the night. She thinks about a pupply, only hers, to sleep with her too. We think of a kitten, but the doctor says that the cat is…

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The importance of Taurina in your cat

Health, Salute

Anmong all the indispensable substances to our pets’ life, one has got a particular importance in the cat: the taurine. Its name derives from Latin taurus: bull, the first animal in which it was individuated. This Amino acid is known in biology as Acid2_aminethansulfunic. It is synthetized by the liver and it partecipate as a free component to a lot of vital processes. First of all it is a regulator of the cell volume and, combined to biliar acids, intervenes…