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February 2019

bama bama pet labrador fidanzamento spiaggia
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Engagement Labrador

The Adventures of House Bama

Davide and I have been heart friends since we were 11, we have always told everything each other and have agreed with all but fashion. He loves the classic style: jacket, tie, handkerchief in the pocket, socks and combined shoes, watches, jewels..I have never been a lover of expensive dresses or jewels, I love soft things that make me feel good, therefore I adore the leisure suit and I will wear it all the day long, if it were possible!…

bama gatto giardiniere
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Mini, the gardener cat!

The Adventures of House Bama

During a walk with Gaia and Celeste suddenly we found the young Mini abandoned! Since a few time Mathieu often asks for a male brother because at his thought “female sisters are too boring”, thus Gaia has a stroke of genius. “Let’s tell Mathieu that the stork has brought him a make brother, but unfortunately she did wrong and instead of a baby child she has brought a kitten!” In fact, just in these days, the cartoon “ Storks in…