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March 2019

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Max’s bath!

The Adventures of House Bama

It’s March at last! Fields are blooming, it hasn’t rained for 10 days and the sun shines. Full of joy I call the dog’s toilette service and book the first bath for the “little” Max, who weighs 50 kg and is almost 8 months. On Friday night I change my car with my father’s one to load Max more easily and make him trust the means. On the Saturday morning we are all ready to start this new adventure. Step…

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Parasites: how to take the right precautions for our pets


With the month of March, Spring is coming, first warm, shiny days, the blooming of flowers and ..the feared parasites! Their appearing is not always punctual, as it was some years ago. The recent climate changes have of course influenced on humidity and temperature, therefore it is not always necessary to start with the anti-parasite treatments only according to the calendar if there are not real needs, like it is also better not to stop only because autumn arrives, forgetting…

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Bea, one love pulls the other

Health, Salute, The Adventures of House Bama

Our wonderful three story, Davide, our “engagement Labrador” and I, unfortunately ended suddenly during a bad accident where Lucky left us. After his premature death I had a sort of nervous exhaustion. In a week I lost 8 kg and when people talked about that I couldn’t help crying desperately. I had suddenly lost my best friend, my furry stinky. I could never fall asleep with him, I could never get angry with him when he stole the cats’food, I…