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July 2019

malattie di razza bama pet cani gatti
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“Disease of Race”

Health, Salute

Many times in my articles I tried to raise awareness in owners of purebred dogs and cats about hereditary and genetic pathologies they can suffer from. Purebred dogs are more exposed to hereditary illness than mongrels. Some breeding made specific couple in order to modify specific and aesthetic characteristics but it can provoke severe chronicle pathologies and cause a painful life. For example some purebred cats like Persian or Himalayan or Scottish have more different shape of cranium than years…

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The history of Oceano

The Adventures of House Bama

Saturday 8th of June 30°C. I pick up my boy child at school and go to the company to meet Dad and have lunch together. We have almost arrived, when I see the car before us slow down and a small creature come out of underneath suddenly. I reduce speed too and try to understand what is happening. As soon as the car stops, Mathieu opens the door and runs toward the middle of the road: frightened I put the…

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“Is it normal that pets lost a lot of hair?”


“Is it normal that pets lost a lot of hair?” People often ask this question. It depends. Hair loss could be normal but also a symptom that there is something wrong. Animals have a normal growth of hair composed by three phases. In the first one, the hair bulb is responsible of the growth, in the second one there is a transitory phase and in the last one it is expelled. During spring and summer every animals lost hair, especially…