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Pet’s vaccinations


The veterinary has the responsibility of our pets vaccinations. A thorough examination will determine if it is better to preceed with a vaccine or, if health conditions are not optimal, to postpone it. Timing of injections are not random but they are determined by specific immunological epochs. Before the two months, for example, it is not appropriate to inoculate a puppy that is still protected by maternal antibodies passed to the placenta or mother’s milk. Other individual or casual reasons…

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Why didn’t I do it before?

The Adventures of House Bama

Why didn’t I do it before? I have repeated it to myself during the whole drive back from Austria. When I was young, I always went on holidays with my Maremma shepherd Dado and my Labrador Bea: I had great swimming with her while I laid under the sun with him because he didn’t like water at all, he only had his paws got wet. Beautiful memories! Many things have changed since then, I am now mother of two girls…