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Allergies for our pets


Beautiful season has come, games outside, runs in fields and… the allergies too. Even our 4 legged friends can suffer from intolerances and allergies. Intolerances usually cause lighter symptoms because they don’t modify the immune system with the production of antibodies like allergies. Without entering in a very complex field, it is good to know that intolerances give symptoms only because of the heap of the responsible substance. Assuming it in low and distant in time doses, you will have…

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Does appetite come while eating?


Our pets’ appetite is not constant. Like for us, it can have modifications for different reasons. Some don’t’ have any importance, others have to be under control instead and considered true alarm bells. Puppies and young dogs and cats are always moving, have a good appetite for sure and they eat all food with no problem. They can have tantrum on dry food that can bore them because it is not so consistent and tasty  like the wet one. The…

Borsa per cani Bama Pet Blog
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Bags for dogs? Puppies and XS sized dogs.


When you take a puppy home, in the most cases on the Sanitary booklet you only find one vaccination registered. A good breeder should advise the new owners that 1 or 2 recalls ( it depends on the vaccine used) after 21/30 days from the first one are necessary, but above all that the puppy will not have to go out form home or be put in contact with not vaccinated animals, until the recalls are made. This is not…

Come raccogliere urine di cani o gatti bama pet
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How to collect the urine of cats and dogs


I have often let you know in my articles, the usefulness of the collection of urine to detect running pathologies. We don’t always know how to proceed. First of all we have to act in a different way if we are in front of a dog or a cat. However we have to collect as much less polluted urine as possible, therefore don’t collect it from the floor, neither from a clean surface. In case of dogs, in order to…

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Animals and health problems: bladder tumors


When we live with a pet, we learn behavior and uses and therefore we should immediately note when they change. To go near the litter box without a normal emission of urine but only in small drops ( disuria), intense miew, agitation and licking of genital area and above all loss of visible blood losses, both on the sand or on the areas where he rests, it is an alarm bell both for cats and dogs. In this case put…

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Ferret, as a pet


Would you like to share your life with a pet but a dog is too engaging and the cat not compatible? Why don’t consider a ferret? Like for the other species, it would be better to inform before the purchase to avoid to discover too late that you could be incompatible. First of all commercialized ferrets  (Mustela Putorius Furo) come from livestock  and have been tamed, but they rest hunters and strict carnivores, therefore you have to remind that they…