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Ski trip with your four legged pets: Instructions for use!


You have planned your white week… with your four legged friends! A holiday among snow and cold at last, during which you can relax together with your pets too. What doing to organize the perfect holiday for all? Four simple advice and the week will be holiday for all, not only for you. 1) The house In your mountain house where the dog or the cat has already been, there will be no problems. He will recognize “his” smells the…

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Christmas is the right time when to say thank you.


11th  August  2017 It is a very hot day with a very strong wind that keeps on changing direction. Now I can say it , the perfect one to lit a fire. We are relaxing when in the early afternoon the home bell rings. It’s my neighbor. She upset and tells me to go out immediately. It seems my garden is burning. … “Is my garden burning?!” Impossible…. I exit to pander her, convinced to show her she is wrong…

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Max’s arrival in the family with the help of bach flowers

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“ Dogs are like chips, one calls the other “ this is written on a t-shirt of mine that is in my wardrobe and in my case this is true! “ Not satisfied with 3 shades of Labrador: honey, chocolate and black – besides of Chanel, our mythical Dachshund – in an October afternoon “ ball of fur” arrives as well. Something more than a 3 months years old and something bigger than a Labrador adult carried on his arms…

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Chanel, our dachshund terapist!

Comportamento, The Adventures of House Bama

When she was 7, Celeste had a bad illness that solved itself then well, but that has caused some trawlings like some insecurity and sleepwalking. After about one year the doctor was convinced that only one thing could help Celeste: an unconditional love, only for her to help her to “ face “ the night. She thinks about a pupply, only hers, to sleep with her too. We think of a kitten, but the doctor says that the cat is…

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The importance of Taurina in your cat

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Anmong all the indispensable substances to our pets’ life, one has got a particular importance in the cat: the taurine. Its name derives from Latin taurus: bull, the first animal in which it was individuated. This Amino acid is known in biology as Acid2_aminethansulfunic. It is synthetized by the liver and it partecipate as a free component to a lot of vital processes. First of all it is a regulator of the cell volume and, combined to biliar acids, intervenes…

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My friend rabbit: Noce!


I always wanted to write something about Noce. I thought about a book titled “ It rains on Noce” with a design on the covering figuring out my red eyed white bunny who, standing on 2 paws, licked the drops falling from the sky, because he liked the rain. When I found I was pregnant with Mathieu, Celeste was 3 and the news didn’t make her happy, instead.. she was very angry and to make her quiet we gave her…