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Sleeping in a castle for cats


The launch of the new product – QUBLO – gives me the chance to come back to the matter “sleep”. Wild animals chose the place where to rest and sleep according to their own species characteristics, to the quietness and to their needs, like for example a mum with her cubs. While sleeping our capacities of watch are lower therefore it is indispensable to find a hidden spot, well secluded and protected to avoid that predators ( the cat as…

bamapet oncologia veterinaria terapie cani e gatti
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Veterinary oncology and therapies

Health, Salute

Since when they have lived close to humans, pets have definitvely extended and improved the quality of their life but also, unfortunately, the possibility to show the same pathologies due to the industrial food, the pollution, the stress…that’s why the tumors are increasing a lot, among animals like among humans. The early diagnosis is fundamentl in these cases too. For this reason it is a good habit for the owner to touch and watch his own pet and use of…

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play it safe

Behavior, Comportamento, Health, Salute

I am here again to talk about toys. Unfortunately the occasion is not so playful. Unfortunately it is in fact of the nth operation to remove a stone from a dog’s intestine. Dogs, as I wrote many times, are social animals and therefore they love playing to reinforce the links with the herd even using objects/toys to do mimic innate behaviors. The most evident one is the so called game of “predation”. Our dog takes in his mouth the toy…

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My first cat Funny!

Behavior, Comportamento, The Adventures of House Bama

My first cat’s name was Funny, a black and white female that my father gave me as a present on the occasion of a surgical operation of my mum. She should have stayed a few days in the hospital and he thought that the emptiness of her absence would be filled by that small being that needed love. And it was. Funny was “mine, only mine” and we grew up together in symbiosis for 18 years. During this long time…

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When do you have to control your pet’s thirst?

Behavior, Health

Polyuria and polydpsia are the medical terms that indicate the unnatural and excessive increase in the emission of urine and the sensation of thirst that pusher drinking a lot, by causing a harmful circuit for the balance of the organism or highlighting running pathologies. But when you need to worry when noting this not normal behavior? The sensation of thirst is ruled by the combined work of the pituitary, a small gland inside the brain that controls the status of…

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Toxoplasma gondii: let’s make things clear

Health, Salute

”…I have my cat’s litter box cleand by my husband because I am pregnant..” Here it is a classic sentence that we veterinaries often hear, all the fault is of Toxoplasma gondii. Let’s try to understand what it is and which risks it could take during the pregnancy. Toxoplasma gondii is a protozoo ubiquitario, that is a unicellular parasite that lives in the intestine of many animals, mammals and birds, but that it reproduces itself in the instestine of the…


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