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The power of Pet Therapy


The Pet Therapy is now considered a valid support to psychological and physical human pathologies, but also an important affective support for everyone, particularly for the most fragile or ancient people who live in loneliness. For a long time we have understood that both in temporary hospitalizations and for long definitive stays, the presence of animals like dogs, cats and bunnies, is a great psychological help and, not a little thing, it leads to a faster healing. In case of…

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Pet’s vaccinations


The veterinary has the responsibility of our pets vaccinations. A thorough examination will determine if it is better to preceed with a vaccine or, if health conditions are not optimal, to postpone it. Timing of injections are not random but they are determined by specific immunological epochs. Before the two months, for example, it is not appropriate to inoculate a puppy that is still protected by maternal antibodies passed to the placenta or mother’s milk. Other individual or casual reasons…

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Pets and allergies

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A very popular desire is to have a pet, even in the cities. It is so strong that many people have one or more pets of the same or different species that live together peacefully despite the folk sayings. What are the reasons why live together is difficult, despite the desire? The more popular excuse, although it is not always justified, is pets allergies. I allow myself to write this because this is the “excuse” that veterinaries hear more often,…

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Is it only a “tube”? Find out more about the Esophagus


Is it only a “tube”? The tube we are talking about is an organ we often under estimate and forget about, the Esophagus. Esophagus is a pointed, tubiform, fibro muscular organ that cross the neck on the left of trachea, from the pharynx to the end of the mouth. It cross the rib cage, behind the heart and finally cross the diaphragm, enter in the abdominal cavity and end in the stomach through cardias. Its anatomic structure is composed by…

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“Disease of Race”

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Many times in my articles I tried to raise awareness in owners of purebred dogs and cats about hereditary and genetic pathologies they can suffer from. Purebred dogs are more exposed to hereditary illness than mongrels. Some breeding made specific couple in order to modify specific and aesthetic characteristics but it can provoke severe chronicle pathologies and cause a painful life. For example some purebred cats like Persian or Himalayan or Scottish have more different shape of cranium than years…

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Veterinary oncology and therapies

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Since when they have lived close to humans, pets have definitvely extended and improved the quality of their life but also, unfortunately, the possibility to show the same pathologies due to the industrial food, the pollution, the stress…that’s why the tumors are increasing a lot, among animals like among humans. The early diagnosis is fundamentl in these cases too. For this reason it is a good habit for the owner to touch and watch his own pet and use of…