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“Is it normal that pets lost a lot of hair?”


“Is it normal that pets lost a lot of hair?” People often ask this question. It depends. Hair loss could be normal but also a symptom that there is something wrong. Animals have a normal growth of hair composed by three phases. In the first one, the hair bulb is responsible of the growth, in the second one there is a transitory phase and in the last one it is expelled. During spring and summer every animals lost hair, especially…

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Veterinary oncology and therapies

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Since when they have lived close to humans, pets have definitvely extended and improved the quality of their life but also, unfortunately, the possibility to show the same pathologies due to the industrial food, the pollution, the stress…that’s why the tumors are increasing a lot, among animals like among humans. The early diagnosis is fundamentl in these cases too. For this reason it is a good habit for the owner to touch and watch his own pet and use of…

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Play it safe!

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I am here again to talk about toys. Unfortunately the occasion is not so playful. Unfortunately it is in fact of the nth operation to remove a stone from a dog’s intestine. Dogs, as I wrote many times, are social animals and therefore they love playing to reinforce the links with the herd even using objects/toys to do mimic innate behaviors. The most evident one is the so called game of “predation”. Our dog takes in his mouth the toy…

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Toxoplasma gondii: let’s make things clear

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”…I have my cat’s litter box cleand by my husband because I am pregnant..” Here it is a classic sentence that we veterinaries often hear, all the fault is of Toxoplasma gondii. Let’s try to understand what it is and which risks it could take during the pregnancy. Toxoplasma gondii is a protozoo ubiquitario, that is a unicellular parasite that lives in the intestine of many animals, mammals and birds, but that it reproduces itself in the instestine of the…

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Plants and herbs in our pet’s diet

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During a veterinary visit we often ask for what kind of food the animal we are visiting usually has and if he may eat a lot grass. The question can sound as off, but it isn’t. In fact the answer is very often positive both for cats and dogs, though these last ones are strictly carnivore. The reasons why our pets do that are several and some, I admit it, are still unknown to us human. However animals instinctively recognize…

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Bea, one love pulls the other

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Our wonderful three story, Davide, our “engagement Labrador” and I, unfortunately ended suddenly during a bad accident where Lucky left us. After his premature death I had a sort of nervous exhaustion. In a week I lost 8 kg and when people talked about that I couldn’t help crying desperately. I had suddenly lost my best friend, my furry stinky. I could never fall asleep with him, I could never get angry with him when he stole the cats’food, I…