The Adventures of House Bama

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“When I am back as Celeste” is now available!

The Adventures of House Bama

“Whean I am back as Celeste” is a children’s book that talks about the friendship between a dachshund and his mistress. “Celeste is a 7 year old girl who a er surgery begins to have sleepless nights and nightmares. A real torture for her and her family. However Celeste has always been a cheerful and imaginative girl. A solution must be found. It arrives in the shape of another four legged friend. Celeste is madly in love with animals. But this…

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Why didn’t I do it before?

The Adventures of House Bama

Why didn’t I do it before? I have repeated it to myself during the whole drive back from Austria. When I was young, I always went on holidays with my Maremma shepherd Dado and my Labrador Bea: I had great swimming with her while I laid under the sun with him because he didn’t like water at all, he only had his paws got wet. Beautiful memories! Many things have changed since then, I am now mother of two girls…

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The history of Oceano

The Adventures of House Bama

Saturday 8th of June 30°C. I pick up my boy child at school and go to the company to meet Dad and have lunch together. We have almost arrived, when I see the car before us slow down and a small creature come out of underneath suddenly. I reduce speed too and try to understand what is happening. As soon as the car stops, Mathieu opens the door and runs toward the middle of the road: frightened I put the…

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My first cat Funny!

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My first cat’s name was Funny, a black and white female that my father gave me as a present on the occasion of a surgical operation of my mum. She should have stayed a few days in the hospital and he thought that the emptiness of her absence would be filled by that small being that needed love. And it was. Funny was “mine, only mine” and we grew up together in symbiosis for 18 years. During this long time…

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Max’s bath!

The Adventures of House Bama

It’s March at last! Fields are blooming, it hasn’t rained for 10 days and the sun shines. Full of joy I call the dog’s toilette service and book the first bath for the “little” Max, who weighs 50 kg and is almost 8 months. On Friday night I change my car with my father’s one to load Max more easily and make him trust the means. On the Saturday morning we are all ready to start this new adventure. Step…

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Bea, one love pulls the other

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Our wonderful three story, Davide, our “engagement Labrador” and I, unfortunately ended suddenly during a bad accident where Lucky left us. After his premature death I had a sort of nervous exhaustion. In a week I lost 8 kg and when people talked about that I couldn’t help crying desperately. I had suddenly lost my best friend, my furry stinky. I could never fall asleep with him, I could never get angry with him when he stole the cats’food, I…