Dog and cat in christmas hat eating food. Happy pet santa
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Christmas, Pets and Presents


Many of our animals, more often cats who are curious by nature, will be attracted by ribbons, boxes, envelopes and colored packets. As always, take care! For example, our beautiful Christmas Tree: the real firs are not a danger for pets generally. Much more other plants we have at home in this period like the poinsettia ( see the article). The Christmas Tree can be a potential danger if our cat takes it like something to climb or a funny…

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Travelling with pets


Travelling with a four legged friend must be a pleasure but safety both for him and for us is fundamental. On sale there have been objects suitable for this for years. For the ones who have medium and big sized dogs, I would opt for a separation with grids suitable for any car to be put at the back of the back seats. If you have not so quiet pets, I would suggest boxes to be put in the back…

Veterinarian examining German Shepherd dog with sore ear. Young blond woman working at Veterinary clinic.
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Haemolytic anemia


There are some symptoms in the dog ( less in the cat) that can indicate the presence of a haemolytic  anemia. In a reduced percentage of cases, these are a strong weakness, apathy, hyperthermia.. the can be the alarm bell of this very serious syndrome in the dog. If you add then pale mucosa and dark urine until coffee color, the suspect of haemolytic  anemia becomes unfortunately certainty. What is the haemolytic anemia? And why is it so dangerous? Under…

bulldog with bum up in the air and looking at viewer on white background
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Infection of paranal glands


An insistent  attention on a particular point of his body could be the expression of a problem for our pet. I just refer to a continuous licking of the perineum area, often associated to yelps both during this procedure and at the moment of the evacuation. If your pet keeps on scratching on the floor or bites the above area, there could be a problem. In this case the owner has to watch carefully that part and take the subject…

Vaccino contro Leptospirosi nel cane
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Leptospirosis Warnings


With the arrival of hot weather the presence of puddles with stagnant water could be the ideal substratum for the diffusion of a serious and dangerous illness, not only for the dog, but also for us, the Leptospirosis. The leptospirosis is caused by the  spirocheta Leptospira Interrogans (a spiral shaped bacterium with a final hook it takes the name from). Two hundred kinds exist, not all dangerous. The pathogens for the dog are three: Jaundice – hemorrhagic Grippotifosa Bratislava The…

Alitosi negli animali Domestici
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Halitosis in Pets


Often and often we Veterinary Doctors are questioned by owners: “ Doctor, what can we do for  the halitosis  of my dog or cat?” We usually note our  friend’s halitosis on 2 occasions: When the animal is getting older, therefore a normal worsening of the health conditions of the oral cavity is justified On other occasions of particular contact between pet and owner ( who among you doesn’t sleep with your own cat or doesn’t fill him up with cuddles…