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Other Pets


Who said that pets have to be cats and dogs only? The choice of a pet can depend above all on two reasons: the desire to welcome a pet at home however; the minor time needed and/or spaces in respect of bigger pets. However there can be other reasons for which you decide to care other pets! Let’s try to understand why. For “other Pets” I mean small mammals like rabbits, hamsters, squirrels, mice and rats, but more and more…

Portrait of a beautiful old sleeping Irish Setter dog
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Euthanasia on animals


We veterinaries fell always difficult to talk about such a delicate theme as euthanasia. However in many circumstances it is necessary to analyze the argument, above all when our friends animals only suffer from different diseases and complications. We would never like to face that moment. Nevertheless it is needed to make all clearer; we veterinaries can carry out euthanasia legally, but I am interested in talking about the cases in which it can be applied. The awareness to make…