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The power of Pet Therapy


The Pet Therapy is now considered a valid support to psychological and physical human pathologies, but also an important affective support for everyone, particularly for the most fragile or ancient people who live in loneliness. For a long time we have understood that both in temporary hospitalizations and for long definitive stays, the presence of animals like dogs, cats and bunnies, is a great psychological help and, not a little thing, it leads to a faster healing. In case of…

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Pets and allergies

Health, Salute

A very popular desire is to have a pet, even in the cities. It is so strong that many people have one or more pets of the same or different species that live together peacefully despite the folk sayings. What are the reasons why live together is difficult, despite the desire? The more popular excuse, although it is not always justified, is pets allergies. I allow myself to write this because this is the “excuse” that veterinaries hear more often,…

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The history of Oceano

The Adventures of House Bama

Saturday 8th of June 30°C. I pick up my boy child at school and go to the company to meet Dad and have lunch together. We have almost arrived, when I see the car before us slow down and a small creature come out of underneath suddenly. I reduce speed too and try to understand what is happening. As soon as the car stops, Mathieu opens the door and runs toward the middle of the road: frightened I put the…

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Sleeping in a castle for cats


The launch of the new product – QUBLO – gives me the chance to come back to the matter “sleep”. Wild animals chose the place where to rest and sleep according to their own species characteristics, to the quietness and to their needs, like for example a mum with her cubs. While sleeping our capacities of watch are lower therefore it is indispensable to find a hidden spot, well secluded and protected to avoid that predators ( the cat as…

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The bored cat


I often suggest to create funny games for cats and many owners reply that their four-legged friends are already happy enough because they have everything they need: they have the best food as much as they like, lots of cuddles, they sleep in a very soft bed and live in a protect environment away from danger. Despite everything, a cat that lives in a house or an apartment in not happy enough. A free cat is extremely curious and can…

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Watch carefully our four-legged friend


We have to learn, watch carefully and touch our pet constantly, it can prevent serious illness. Every owners have to do it. During cuddles time, when each of you are relaxed, observe his breathing. It has to be regular and constant without tremor. Fur must be thick and shining without bow and greasiness. On the abdomen they must not present abrasion, scabs or neoplasm. We have to touch their paws and look carefully between the toes because it’s easy to…