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The power of Pet Therapy


The Pet Therapy is now considered a valid support to psychological and physical human pathologies, but also an important affective support for everyone, particularly for the most fragile or ancient people who live in loneliness. For a long time we have understood that both in temporary hospitalizations and for long definitive stays, the presence of animals like dogs, cats and bunnies, is a great psychological help and, not a little thing, it leads to a faster healing. In case of…

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“When I am back as Celeste” is now available!

The Adventures of House Bama

“Whean I am back as Celeste” is a children’s book that talks about the friendship between a dachshund and his mistress. “Celeste is a 7 year old girl who a er surgery begins to have sleepless nights and nightmares. A real torture for her and her family. However Celeste has always been a cheerful and imaginative girl. A solution must be found. It arrives in the shape of another four legged friend. Celeste is madly in love with animals. But this…

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The history of Oceano

The Adventures of House Bama

Saturday 8th of June 30°C. I pick up my boy child at school and go to the company to meet Dad and have lunch together. We have almost arrived, when I see the car before us slow down and a small creature come out of underneath suddenly. I reduce speed too and try to understand what is happening. As soon as the car stops, Mathieu opens the door and runs toward the middle of the road: frightened I put the…

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Mommy Lola

The Adventures of House Bama

1 – The engagement Lola is an essential part of our family, she is sweet, tender, good-hearted and very generous. A mum. My usband and I decide to let her meet a young guy to live the experience of pregnancy with and to share it with our 3 children. One day we leave alltogether to go at Roberto and Marzia’s home where Lola meets Ciccio, the one who would become her puppies’ dad. Love at first sight! And it could not…